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  • E-Waste Collection
  • Expert Diagnostics
  • Software and Hardware repair
  • Sales of refurbished electronics
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Welcome to Computer IT

Computer IT Recycling is a Veteran Owned Business with over 5 years experience in managing
e-Waste. We are committed to reduce the impact of electronic waste on the environment. Our
goal, as a California Collector/Recycler is to assist our Municipalities, Schools, Manufacturers,
Companies and Residents in becoming SB20 compliant. Simultaneously we eliminate Toxic
substances and polluted residuals from getting into our land fill & ground water systems and to
improve the environment for us, our children & grand-children.

We completely recycle all types of electronics equipment and material, including all computers
(mainframes, monitors, CPUs), printers, fax machines, modems, bridges, hubs, copy machines,
consumer electronics (radios, CD players, DVD players, clocks, calculators, telephones, cellular
phones), components and other various types of material.

Disposal of electronic equipment such as older computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, etc.,
is becoming a larger problem every day.

Many states have passed laws that prohibit the dumping of items such as monitors, computers
and printers and are requiring that these items be properly disposed of.

Computer IT Electronics, Inc. is a California State Approved collector/recycler, ID # CW
104369, we can be found on the state website. All our endeavors work in conjunction with and
accordance to the following agencies, laws, rules & regulations.

Computer IT Electronics consistently does extended research and strict analysis of operations as
required for continuous improvement of its Quality Management System, to ensure we maintain
our leadership status, from beginning to end of the recycling process.
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